Rail Delays Prompt PSC Letter

After months of delays in shipping grain, the Public Service Commission has sent a letter to the Surface Transportation Board that regulates the railroads.

The PSC permits and represents grain shippers across the state, and some shippers have expressed concern over the growing backlog of grain cars in the state. The commission has met with the railroads since April and says there hasn’t been too much improvement.

“It has been very slow progress, and we are just really concerned that there isn’t enough time for them to catch up. They really need to devote more resources to this issue. So, we sent the letter to the Surface Transportation Board urging them to act in behalf of all the shippers in North Dakota,” says North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak.

The commission plans to meet with representatives from BNSF and Canadian Pacific to discuss the current state of their orders, and how the two rail companies plan to eliminate the backlog before this year’s harvest comes online.

Source: Kfyrtv.com

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